Studio BLITZ uses highly qualified professional interpreters with many years of experience. This enables our clients to successfully conduct business and technical negotiations, attend fairs and conferences, to thus enhance the image of a company or a government office at official functions.
The accuracy of an interpreter service is based on preliminary briefings to acquire specific explanatory materials and to create a trust-based relationship with the client. This partnership allows us to accompany our clients to successfully conduct meetings, negotiations, and trade or technical exchanges.

Our interpreting services:

  • Technical and business interpreting
  • Interpreting for internships and company technical training
  • Interpreting for international delegations
  • Interpreting for fairs and conferences
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The various types of interpreting:

  • SIMULTANEOUS: Immediate translation, heard through headphones. The interpreters are located in soundproof booths with headphones and microphone, and translate the speakers’ contributions in real time. A standard day of simultaneous translation is 7 hours. Two interpreters per language are required and they alternate in one-hour shifts.
  • CONSECUTIVE: Non-immediate translation as the speaker stops every 5-10 minutes to allow the translator, who has taken notes, to translate the speech. Consecutive is preferred for small work groups where only one language is required
  • BUSINESS NEGOTIATION: Used for technical and business meetings, company training, and linguistic assistance at events and fairs
  • CHUCHOTAGE: Simultaneous translation whispered in the listener's ear. It is used to assist a maximum of 2-3 people