How we work

In 2013, we innovated our work methods by introducing a document management system for translation and interpreting projects in order to guarantee maximum control of all steps in the process and to verify the accuracy and completeness of the service provided.
The workflow is organized into two basic phases: PLANNING and FULFILLMENT

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Our clients can always count on the continuing assistance of a project manager who follows the work through all the stages of production, from the initial request to final delivery.
The project manager stays in touch with the company through ongoing contact with the client, identifying their specific needs and becoming acquainted with any specific technical terminology and product features.
After reviewing the project’s requirements, the client's industrial and business sector, a detailed work estimate is prepared that includes delivery times and related costs.


Once we have received the client’s confirmation, we begin the work required, based on all the information collected during the planning phase. On the basis of the client's business sector, the professional translator – and always a native speaker of the target language – who will be in charge of the translation is selected.
The client’s main contact is the project manager overseeing the work, who acts as the go-between for the client and the translator. Once the translation has been finished, the revision and quality control process that guarantees the entirety of the text as well as its terminological and lexical accuracy begins.
When the quality requirements for the job have been met, the translation is delivered to the client.

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Fields of

  • Technical manuals
  • Financial and legal translations
  • Scientific translations
  • Website and marketing translations
  • Literary and artistic translations